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Sunday Evening "Walking Market" in Chiang Mai and Feet

I was looking forward to the big Sunday market in the Old City.  I was a bit dismayed then, when it started pouring just before I was planning to leave.  No worries, though, the rain stopped, the sun came back out and the air was hot and heavy as I walked to the market.

I was determined to not buy anything.  Several reasons for that.  Wanting to save money, of course.  Plus, very little room in my luggage, since I only brought my roll aboard with me for a month of travel.  And, I'm heading out this week for three weeks in Vietnam.  I suspect I'll have more chances to shop there.

In any case, here are  photos of the walking market and the area.

2 Weeks, 4 Hotels in Thailand

Hard to believe it's been just over two weeks since leaving Mandalay.  I started in Bangkok, at The Key Hotel, near Sukhumvit/Asok.  I've stayed there before.  Nice hotel, great location and a familiar neighborhood.

After a week, I changed to the Chatachuk area, across town.  I stayed at the Plim Place, another nice hotel and only about $20.  The room was huge, very clean and while far from the BTS stop, it was near shopping and restaurants.  I moved because two of my favorite people from Mandalay were staying there that weekend.  It was perfect - sort of like being neighbors back in Mandalay, with amenities.

Next I flew north to Chiang Mai, where I spent several days (most of them rainy) in another huge hotel room.  Prestige Chiang Mai Residence is new and while outside the old city center, was a great place to stay.  And, at $25 a night, another bargain.

Today, I moved to the Villa de Chiang Mai.  It is a 3 minute walk (if you're a gazelle) from the Thae Pae Gate into the o…

Local Market

Since I arrived in Chiang Mai it's been rainy and chilly.  That's fine with me since I'm in a large hotel room with huge windows and a deep soaking tub.  What an excellent excuse to hang out  and take care of some business on the internet.

I was disappointed with the availability of delicious, cheap Thai food, though.  In Bangkok, if you step out of a hotel you'll run into street food vendors.  I had seen none.  Shocking! 

Today, though, while still overcast and chilly, the rain held off most of the day so I went out to explore my neighborhood.

The neighborhood, between the new Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center and Chiang Mai University, is filled with apartments and hotels.  Surprisingly, given the number of people in the area, there seem to be few restaurants nearby.  There is a lot of traffic.

Happily, I found a small neighborhood market.  I found it with my nose, drawn by the smell of meat barbecuing.  The grill that drew me in had a variety of large pieces of meat.  I st…

Back to Chiang Mai

I've been lounging in Bangkok for the last 10 days.  It's been delightful.  I've spent a lot of time just hanging out with friends I taught with at AIS.  I'll miss them as they head off - either back to Myanmar or to the U.S.  The good news, we'll be reunited in December in Ohio, so it was easy to say "see you later".

I've been eating great food.  Yesterday was typical.  Grilled chicken and baby octopus from the street, along with some green mango (with salt, sugar, and ground chile for dipping) was delicious and cheap.  About $2 for a lot of flavor.  I found a recipe online that I'm going to try at home for grilled Thai chicken.  I'd love to be able to replicate it.

This morning I'm off to Chiang Mai.  The first time I came to SE Asia, years ago, it was to visit Chiang Mai.  I loved it then and am anxious to see how I feel when I return there.  During my first visit, my friend and I gawked and giggled when we saw a monk on a motorbike.  We …

Early Retirement

I had planned to continue teaching first grade in Mandalay until the beginning of June, 2016.  Then, retirement.  Instead, I've chosen to move the timetable forward. 

I won't go into details but it became clear that I would not be comfortable or positive in staying in my job at AIS.  The Head of School and I agreed that I would just leave for my scheduled visa run and not return.  Later, he informed me, via email, that he would retain half of my salary for the month.

Now, I'm in Bangkok.  Enjoying salad bars and Mexican food.  Also enjoying connecting with old and new friends.

Today, Saturday, I'm enjoying a rainy day in my hotel room.  So far, retirement is wonderful!