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The New Master Bathroom

The remodel of the masterbath was, by far, the messiest, dirtiest and most aggravating of the three rooms.  As I planned what I wanted, I considered that I'm currently planning to live in this house until I croak.  So, I wanted to replace the oversized garden tub and a walk-in shower so as I get less mobile it would be easy to get in and out.  Removing the tub and relocating the drain involved removing two foot deep concrete.  Do you have any idea how much dust is generated when you use a jackhammer to do that in your house?  I'll be continuing to clean up that dust for months to come.  But it was so worth it.

I also wanted to take advantage of the giant 4' X 5' glass block window in the shower to really make a bright, clean looking bathroom.  I am extremely pleased with the results.  I was so excited for the work to get started that I only took a couple of "before" photos.  Just think back to 1988 builder grade bathrooms and you have the picture.

While the rem…

The Remodel Hassle Was Worth It - Kitchen Photos

I'm very, very close to being finished with the remodel of my kitchen and two bathrooms.  As I indicated in my last post, it was not without it's challenges but it was worth it.  Here are some photos of the before and after in my kitchen.

I love it every time I walk into my new kitchen.  I have lots of cabinet space, it is bright and airy with plenty of light to cook by.  Worth

The End Is Near!

The end of the my house renovations is near, I mean.  The actual end of the world may also be near based on Trump possibly being our next President but that's a whole different topic.  During the last couple of months I got new kitchen cabinets and counters; gutted the master bath replacing an oversize tub with a walk-in shower as well as a complete renovation of the guest bath.

Based on my experience over the last couple of months, I have some suggestions if you're thinking about renovating multiple rooms in your house.

First, get the names of a good realtor and moving company.  Seriously, avoid the mess and inconvenience and just buy a new house. There were moments I really considered just packing my clothes and leaving.  That was when they were using the jackhammer in my bathroom.

Last night I greeted a guest at the front door by explaining "I don't usually keep shower doors and a bathroom vanity in my living room but they're being installed tomorrow and we ran ou…